viernes, diciembre 21, 2007


Monie, received of its first year in graphology, said to me: Hey! Write something impersonal she suggested a subject: the hands. And I'm here writting ( not waiting) about it.
You'll see my hands are big and is so dificult to hide them as to walk by the life hiding the head - Gods know that none of these things were possible to me never My hands have all its fingers - big by the way, in order to match and placed in the habitual order that the fingers usually come placed in the hands with which there is certain "armonia" between both hands and the rest of me. I have a spot in my right thumb and although I do not have proofs that it is there from the day that I was born - it will be because I can't remember that day with much exactitude- I could affirm that that spot has been with me during a long time . Symbol of the royalty, I liked to think, magical vestige that would come to the light at some moment and being my life as magical as real, I am asking now if it is not perhaps product of that spot, as I said to you before, it has been with me from the beginnings....

By The Way,

What's wrong with me????


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